Group Meeting: Friday 07/10/2016

Topic: "Molecular Simulations of Graphene-Peptide Hybrid Systems" (Presentation in pdf)

Group Meeting: Tuesday 05/07/2016

Topic1: "Methods of approximating the potential of mean force in molecular systems" (Presentation in pdf)

Topic2: "Mathematical Modeling of Diphenylalanine peptides in tetrahydrofuran (THF) solution using Atomistic Simulations: Evaluation of Force Field" (Presentation in pdf)

Group Meeting: Wednesday 29/06/2016

Topic: "Stochastic Reaction Networks and Multilevel Monte Carlo" (Presentation in pdf)

Group Meeting: Monday 27/06/2016

Topic: "Structural Studies of Magnetic Materials through Monte Carlo Methods" (Presentation in pdf)

Group Meeting: Thursday 24/03/2016

Topic: "Plasmonic Periodic Structures Composed by 2D Materials" (Abstract in pdf) (Presentation in pdf)

Group Meeting: Thursday 10/03/2016

Topic: "Tuning the structure and rheology of binary colloidal gels"

Group Meeting: Thursday 25/02/2016

Topic: "Simulation study of graphene/PEO nanocomposites at temperatures close to the glass transition temperature"