Group Meeting: Thursday 08/10/2015

Topic: "Discrete breathers in graphene; a molecular dynamics study(Presentation in pdf)

Group Meeting: Tuesday 29/09/2015

Topic: "Molecular Dynamics Simulations of PEO/Silica Nanocomposites"

The study of complex molecular systems through mathematical and computational approaches is an emerging research area due to enormous range of basic scientific problems and technological applications related to such materials. The rigorous from the mathematical point of view, based on statistical mechanics, foundation of simulations can be of significant importance for the prediction of the structure-properties relations of molecular systems.

Group Meeting: Thursday 23/07/2015

Topic: "Coarse graining through bayesian statistics"

Group Meeting: Thursday 18/06/2015

Topic: "Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Polymeric Nanocomposite Materials" (Presentation in pdf)